Paco de Lucía a Amós Lora

In February of 2010 Amós Lora plays Rome for «Paco de Lucía» in a private concert where the «Master» was surprised by the talented boy.Two years later Amós records his first CD «Cerro Negro» and Paco de Lucía writes at the back cover of the album,  «Amós, if you keep on playing like this we may as well all start looking for another job». Today these words reach a special meaning because they are not original from Paco de Lucía. Paco de Lucia’s teacher «Niño Ricardo» said these words while he was listening to a 10 year old Paco de Lucía, and 50 years later «Master Paco» transmits the same words to Amós and with this gesture he left his legacy in the hands of Amós

Amós Lora. September 21, 1999. Madrid 

He began to play the guitar at the age of three, under the direction of his father Manuel Lora. From the age of six he followed the teaching of «Caño Roto’s» school. He enriched his training and knowledge in Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera and the “Pescadería” neighborhood in Almería, where he became saturated with the gypsy art. At the age of eight, he meets Tomatito who, from the very first time, gives the boy all his support and teaches him his «falsetas». Since 2010 he was also taught by “Diego del Morao”, a very important reference for Amos, as well as Manuel Parrilla, David Cerreduela and many others. Amos is a jazz lover, being a self-taught student of this music genre. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Chick Korea, George Benson, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, all of them leave their mark on Amos’ guitar. In 2012 he began to learn jazz under the direction of Felix Santos.

In 2012, he records his first CD, whith pianist «Diego Amador» as special guest. Based on his own repertoire, at the CD appears diferent artists from Madrid, Jerez and Almería.

In 2014  Worldmusic released the new CD  «The Rough Guide to Flamenco Guitar» . Cd including Amós Lora, Tomatito, Carles Benavent & Paco de Lucía, Cañizares, Moraito, Riqueni, Pepe Habichuela…

In 2016, Amós records his second CD «Así lo veo» based on his own repertoire.

In 2019 at the age of 19 he realized his third Album «DADGAD». Based on his own compositions, in this new work Amos is locked only in the studio to show an intimate record where he plays all the instruments. In this same year, Bill Whelan pianist and producer of U2, re-recorded the original music of «Riverdance» on the 25th anniversary. Amos has been chosen as one of the most relevant young musicians worldwide to participate in this new recording.

In 2024  Amós presents his fourth album “Tiempo de Leyendas”.

At the age of four he makes his first public appearances and at seven years old, he is featured in concert  in “Casa Patas”, an emblematic place of Madrid’s flamenco environment. Since then Amós has played at the main flamenco festivals and theatres in Spain such  «Suma Flamenca», «Los Veranos de la Villa», “Festival Flamenco Pa Tos», «Homenaje a Moraito», «Festival internacional de guitarra José Tomás», «Plaza Mayor de Salamanca», «Festival Raqueros del Jazz», «Teatro Conde Duque» «Festival Jazz Eñe» and many others.

Amós also plays concert at main International Festivals such, “ Spring Festival” and  «Guitar across styles» both in Prague.   «Zagreb summer festival» in Croatia. «Flamenco Festival» in Mont de Marsan, France. «Istanbul International guitar Festival». «Andorra Jazz Festival». «Lisboa Flamenco Festival», «Caldas da Rainha» ExpoLima Festival», «Cordas na Museo» and  «Tavira 2023» in Portugal. He has played also at La Havana, Cuba. In  2020 he presents his first  Japan tour, playing in Kagoshima, Tokyo (Instituto Cervantes and the Setagaya Art Museum) Okinawa and Fukuoka. He plays at online festival «Flamenco para Marruecos». In 2021 Amós plays at «Papjazz Festival» in Haití. In 2022 Amós plays at “Asia tour” playing at the National Theatres at Bishkek and Osh in Kirguistan, at the Ópera Theatre in Dusambe, Tajikistan and at the State Philarmonic of Almaty in Kazakhstan. In 2023 Amós Plays at the «Central Concert Hall» in Kazakhstan,  and «MoonJune Festival».

 Amós plays also at the main tv and radio shows of Spain and for Tv of Croatia, Czech Republic, Tayikistán, Holland, Portugal. He has been featured in the documentary “Niños Flamencos”, by director Katherina Hager. Filmed in Madrid, Salamanca, Almería, Ciudad Rodrigo and Prague, the documentary shows us snapshots of Amos Lora’s life and music.

Since 2018, he also carries out continuous work in the field of teaching, teaching courses and master class.

They have said about Amós Lora

«He plays Zyryab different than anyone… The boy is a jewel”. ​

«He is the only one who plays his own Zyryab. All the others play mine»

Paco de Lucía

“Oh my god, we are in trouble now.

He’s incredible”

Al di Meola

«He is a genius.

He will go far«

Vicente Amigo

This boy is a Prodigy.

He has a special talent for music


«I have nicknamed him the extraterrestrial.

 It’s clear that he comes from another planet”

J. M. Fernández "Farruquito"